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Lismore Laneways

Selected Artists

The Lismore Laneways Project is designed to help reinvigorate our inner-city laneways precinct and attract more visitors. The Back Alley Gallery team has been engaged to manage delivery of the artistic elements of the Lismore Laneways Project.

Back Alley Galleries ran a rigorous Expression of Interest open process for artists to submit applications. This ran from February until March 2021 for submissions from artists, makers and creatives from the Northern Rivers region. Indigenous creatives were strongly encouraged to apply.


Selection criteria was developed with clear connections to the region. BAG pulled together a panel of professional artist and arts workers from the arts and cultural sector of the Northern Rivers as the selection panel.


The panel drilled down submissions to the successful artists and from there, the finalists further developed their concepts to final designs in line with the sites. These projects are planned to be completed by August 2021.

The Gateway

Holly Ahern &
Eden Crawford-Harrington

The Stories behind the Lismore Laneways

This ‘gateway’ artwork invites people to enter the laneways. This artists are Holly Ahern and Eden Crawford-Harriman.


Holly and Eden are a collaborative duo that live and work out of their home in Lismore Heights. Having recently completed a collaborative Honours degree in Contemporary Digital Art, from Southern Cross Uni, their shared creative practice investigates digital works and structural environment as sites for immersive installation.


Their playful piece builds on the strong connection to Lismore of the ‘Come to the Heart’ messaging.


Inspired by the slogan used throughout Lismore and the greater region, their artwork is a large, sensor-operated LED installation to signify the reinvigoration of the Lismore Laneways as the beating heart of our community.


This will be depicted by two long hands embracing a pulsating heart, making clear reference to Lismore’s slogan Come to the Heart, with text that reads “YOU ARE HERE” in the centre in LED neon with vibrant pink arms.


Residents and visitors from diverse backgrounds to come and experience the “heart” of Lismore as a celebration of our fantastic community.

Eggins Lane

Andrew Cullen

The Stories behind the Lismore Laneways

Along the walls of Eggins Lane will feature a series of 3D cute and friendly marsupials (Antechinus) by esteemed Northern Rivers sculpture; Andrew Cullen, a Northern Rivers based Artist.

Andrew has been the recipient of numerous awards, including; the 2015 Sculptor’s Society Tony Palmer Award, Swell Sculpture Festival ‘People’s Choice’ in 2016 and overall winner (2018) in collaboration with Dion Parker.


This winning entry ‘Prickles’ was made at the SOFA gallery and workshop where Andrew was co-founder and Director. Recently Andrew has created and sold ‘The Host’ (a 5M tall pallet timber rat) and two large timber works, Diligent and El Toro, to private clients in Brisbane, Murwillumbah and the Gold Coast.


This particular creature is native to the Lismore district and in need of our understanding and protection. As people approach the lane they will see a few of the baby Antechinus family scurrying in the same direction. Some will positioned high above street level while others will be coming from other directions.


These smaller sculptures will help establish the journey start before people begin to engage with the amazing street art and art rich stores and galleries. This Antechinus family will be constructed in galvanised fencing wire in a combination of ties and welds. Each piece will be primed with rust preventing paint and final coated in Lismore Laneways colours.

County Lane

Tania Marlowe

The Stories behind the Lismore Laneways

The proposed artwork reflects and acknowledges local Bundjalung culture.


Tania Marlowe is a Bundjalung artist, with some of her artworks representing her knowledge and passion for weaving, an age-old traditional practice.


The weaving story is a story of reclamation and cultural continuation, bringing customary practice into the modern world.


Her designs are innovative and creative and have the potential to be graphically enhanced to be a visually appealing and eye-catching artwork for visitors. There is scope to use Bundjalung Language in the design.


The artwork design will be developed to compliment the surrounds, by use of colour and expressive print design.


This will be an acrylic work with the design being installed protruding from the plate with lighting set behind the artwork.


Megan Carter

LL_Wayfinding Look & Feel

Lismore born Graphic & Comms Designer, Megan Carter, in consultation with The Back Alley Gallery has been commissioned to produce the Wayfinding Strategy for the Laneways. 

Megan is producing a coherent, practical and creative wayfinding solution that will consist of signage, refreshed road painting, murals, to direct locals and visitors alike around the laneways area. 


The aim of this is to encourage and direct the legible movement of pedestrians and vehicles in and around the laneways, highlighting the various artistic and retail attractions on offer.


Signage will inform people to help them find their way around the laneways, towards amenities, through arcades, and onwards to places of interest (The Quad, Lismore Regional Gallery etc) and surrounding streets, creating an inviting sense of place within the space.

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