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The Back Alley Gallery is a community project designed to bring creativity and colour to the laneways of Lismore CBD. The BAG has grown in the last 10 years to become a significant point of interest within the region, with visitors from all over coming to enjoy the space.


The laneways are curated to some degree and BAG doesn't encourage free for all tagging, murals and vandalism within the space. However we welcome artists of all levels to get involved in the project through consultation with the BAG team.

If you are a local business that wants to get involved, has concerns about vandalism and tagging or just want to get in touch with us, please send us an email.

How to Apply

To apply for a wall in BAG, just get in touch via email to register for a wall or send us your proposal for art in the laneways. We will liaise with you to find a suitable wall location and work with you to find a time for you to be in the laneways to safely execute your work.

Participation in the project is unpaid and unfortunately as BAG is run by a small team of volunteers there is currently no contingency for resources such as paint and materials.


Occasionally BAG will receive funding for local events and projects and will put a call out for expressions of interest over our social media channels.

The BAG team are working towards expansion of the project to be eligible to apply for funding and support for future events, where we hope to be able to support artists with materials as well as to develop best practice and procedures for artists working within the BAG.

Please read our Code of Conduct and Guidelines here. (Coming Soon)


As part of the Lismore Laneways project, BAG has created a space for anyone in the community to make paste up art to contribute to a collaborative Community Wall.


This wall is located on the corner of Eggins Lane opposite the Willow mural by Guido Van Helten. Read more about the community wall and download instructions on how to participate here. 


Also Coming soon, This brand new website is currently under construction so bear with us as we are all volunteers. Check back often!


If you have a question, email us and we'll get back to you (and maybe feature it on our FAQs section!) 

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