Shade Sail Design

BUDGET: $10,000

The Carrington street existing shade sail at the entry to the Starcourt Arcade is to be re-imagined as part of Lismore Laneways. Artists/Designers/Creatives are invited to submit an expression of Interest with designs to reimagine/refurbish the shade sail. The project is seeking designs that consider embedded solar lighting, colour, shade and expressive designs. 

The existing shade sail at the Starcourt Arcade entry was built in 2007 and whilst structurally it is in fine condition, it is in need of a refresh. As such we’re seeking creative and cost effective ways to do this. Retaining and even improving on shade is regarded highly.

The key objective of this commission is to produce an eye-catching, site-specific shade sail piece that will welcome visitors to the newly redeveloped Lismore Laneways. The work can be inspired by the Laneways extensive collection of street art works, Lismore’s flora, fauna, natural and social and community history. The design should consider that it is part of the wayfinding strategy as part of the Lismore Laneways project, and consider cohesive elements of wayfinding, and to the possibility of working with BAG on the cohesiveness of the design.

The aim of the project is to create and install inspiring public art supporting community identity and to increase the cultural vibrancy of the Lismore CBD laneways area.

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