Entry Marker/s Public Artwork

BUDGET: $25,000

The Carrington street junction defines the entrance to the CBD revitalisation project; Lismore Laneways. The commission is to provide a ‘statement / entry marker’ to signify the entering of the Lismore Laneways precinct, this is to be a vibrant sculptural work with a strong vertical orientation to be installed at the intersection of Carrington and Magellan Streets (Carrington side of the intersection). 

The key objective of this commission is to produce eye-catching, site-specific, sculptural work that will welcome visitors to the newly redeveloped Lismore Laneways. The work is strongly encouraged to acknowledge First Nations cultural significance within the area, and it is also strongly encouraged that First Nations community/artists/creatives/designers be part of/lead the project and design. The design should consider that it is part of the wayfinding strategy as part of the Lismore Laneways project, and consider cohesive elements of connecting to the wayfinding creative.

The artwork location will need to consider existing services such as electricity and landscaping as well as road user safety. The Back Alley Gallery team will work with the successful artist on these considerations. The work should be site-specific, and in some way,  be informed and inspired by the Laneways extensive collection of street art works related to Lismore’s flora, fauna, natural and social and community history.

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