• Any proposals that do not meet the mandatory requirements will not progress to further stages of assessment. 

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Late applications will not be accepted.

  • If requested, designers/creatives/artists are to be available to speak to their proposal with the Public Art Panel members 26 Feb 2021

  • The selection panel will assess the applications against the criteria and make a recommendation to VEE design and Lismore City Council in awarding the commission. 

  • Projects cannot commence until Council approves the project (ie by Council resolution). 

  • All applicants will be notified via email of the outcome that their project has been approved or unsuccessful

  • Decisions by BAG and LCC are final. No further communication will be entered into with applicants regarding the final outcome. 

  • Once the project has been approved and applicant notified in writing, work can commence.

  • A Commission Agreement contract will be negotiated, including project milestones and payments schedule. An acquittal and debriefing report will be required to receive the final instalment of funds.


Supporting Documentation

More information regarding the Lismore Laneways Project can be found at


Applications will be assessed against the assessment criteria by a panel formed by The Back Alley Gallery including an outside panel of local artists/designers and arts industry professionals. The selected designer/creative/artist may need to make themselves available to talk to their EOI on the 26 February 2021.





Planning Time 

Advance planning is needed for public art projects. Any permits or approvals need to be identified in the planning phase of the project to ensure sufficient lead time to obtain approvals.


Materials and Safety

Artwork outside in the public domain must be designed and constructed to withstand considerable wear and tear. Ideally artwork is located in a highly visible place but protected from vandalism and does not pose any safety risks to the general public. Lismore City Council takes no responsibility for any acts of vandalism perpetrated against the artwork.


Installing the artwork

The artist is responsible for the installation of the artwork, including materials and labour. Some in-kind support may be negotiated from Lismore City Council.


Maintaining the artwork

donated or commissioned artwork maintenance is managed by Council. Projects should, as much as possible, discourage graffiti and vandalism. The Application Form requests details for a maintenance schedule upon selection. If at any time the artwork deteriorates or poses a safety hazard, Council may have it removed. The artist will be contacted where maintenance is required or in the instance of graffiti vandalism for rectification advice.



It will be a requirement that the successful artist signs an agreement giving Lismore City Council full assignment and copyright ownership of the work for the purpose of reproducing, publishing and communicating to the public the artwork for the purpose of including in free and commercial printed and online material for the purpose of promoting the display and in education material related to the display. The artwork may appear in full, or if necessary be manipulated, cropped and/or overprinted by the Lismore City Council. Lismore City Council will acknowledge the artist as creator of the work.



All submissions will be treated as strictly confidential between BAG and the applicant.



BAG reserves the right to cancel this process and/or again call for further submissions should the responses be deemed unsatisfactory or insufficient.



Jane Fuller

BAG Lismore Laneways Project Manager

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