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Tinnie Army Commemorative

Larkin Lane

Our team at the Back Alley Gallery have been asked to create a mural that celebrates the Tinnie Army and includes messages and imagery of thanks and appreciation. This commemorative project is a community-driven initiative in collaboration with the Metropole Hotel and Summerland Bank. Over the coming months, we aim to honour the heroic efforts of the Tinnie Brigade during the 2022 flooding events through a 47-metre mural located along Larkin Lane in Lismore's CBD. 

Design Overview: 

The mural's design will thoughtfully 

How to get involved: 

When asked, those from the Tinnie Army have described themselves as “everyday people” rather than Heroes, a title bestowed on them by our grateful community. With this in mind, we invite you to contribute your ideas and messages, this is a mural for our community and created with our community as a way to commemorate and celebrate.

Public Survey 

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