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Code of Conduct

The Back Alley Gallery is an all inclusive space, designed to create a welcoming and inviting place for all members of our community, visitors, tourists and locals alike.


We recognise the autonomy of artists to execute works that are true to their style, medium and vision. However in order to maintain the overall quality of the space, there are some guidelines for how The Back Alley Gallery operates.

  • This is a legal space supported by multiple stakeholders which is contingent on the relationship developed over the years by BAG with the businesses and building owners that share the space. As such, artists wanting to contribute to the space must send the BAG team an email application with their proposal.

  • Any unsolicited work will be at risk of removal as this is also a curated community space and we are respectful of any business or property owner who does not wish to participate. Whilst part of the culture of street art, tagging and vandalism are not welcome in this space.

  • Artworks in BAG are by nature ephemeral. All work by approved artists will remain for a minimum of six months.

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