Call for Expressions of Interest

Lismore Laneways Public Art & Design Commission

Applications for Stage 1 must be submitted by 5.00pm on Thursday 11 March 2021.

BAG are seeking EOI and design submissions from creatives/enablers/practitioners/designers/artists to be considered in a competitive process that will commission new street art & design works, wayfinding, 3D public artworks and creative interactive elements for the heart of Lismore Laneways CBD.


Northern Rivers First Nations applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.



The Lismore Laneways Project is funded through a NSW Government grant as part of the CBD Revitalisation project and is designed to help reinvigorate our inner-city laneways precinct and attract more visitors.  


In 2020, Lismore City Council engaged Vee Design to develop a draft concept design for the Lismore Laneways based on ideas from community members and businesses that took part in workshops during July and October 2020. This draft concept design was placed on public exhibition throughout November 2020 to check in and see if this design resonated with the community and our local businesses. The feedback received showed broad support for the draft concept design, and other feedback was taken on board by Council in finalising the Lismore Laneways design. Elements of the design include lighting, art, street furniture and greening.


A key element of the project is the Creative Wayfinding and Arts Strategy, which aims to invite and encourage pedestrians into the laneways and direct them through the CBD.  Due to their previous work and significant presence in the precinct and stewardship of much of the street art in these laneways, The Back Alley Gallery (BAG) was invited to take carriage of the Creative Wayfinding and Arts Strategy elements to develop and deliver the works within the allocated Laneway sites.


Through contemporary art and community collaboration, this project stands to transform the heartbeat of our city – our laneways. 


The roll-out of the project elements will begin in February/March 2021. Works need to be complete by 30 April 2021.


BAG is seeking expressions of Interest from Creatives/Designers/Artists/practitioners across the Northern Rivers NSW. There are 3 distinct areas/zones that can be applied for, with each being separate yet connected to the overall Laneways project. Each zone is seeking a specific medium for creatives to work within:


Zone 1: Entry Marker/s Public Artwork

Zone 2: Shade sail design

Zone 3: Interactive/multimedia installation work


To apply you are required to be a permanent resident in Australia or an Australian citizen. We encourage people from the Northern Rivers, and/or have an attachment/connection to the Northern Rivers.  

The successful creative/practitioner/designer/artist will be required to work closely with the BAG team in the delivery of this key project which will involve 2 stages.

Stage 1 - Design

Stage 2 - Installation / delivery




Entry Marker/s Public Artwork




Shade Sail Design




Interactive/Multimedia Installation Work



  • Provide visual continuity that does not compete with surrounds

  • Improve access to and from the Lismore Laneway precinct to adjacent destinations, and places of interest via the Embassy and Star Court arcades 

  • Enhance the visitor experience and the amenity of the community

  • Reflective of the site in which it is installed (Lismore and surrounding areas)

  • To be reflective and responsive to local culture, and acknowledge the First Nations people of our region

  • Innovative and creative design concepts are encouraged



  • Durable, robust, and of quality, low-maintenance materials

  • Be easily cleaned / maintained

  • Be as inclusive as possible of all sectors of the community

  • Be treated with anti-graffiti coating, if applicable

  • Consider traffic sightlines and safety of pedestrians in this high foot traffic zone

  • Consider long term maintenance requirements and relevant maintenance cost


The total budget for this commission is all inclusive: concept, delivery and installation. It must consider/ include design development, artists/creatives fees, travel and other artist costs, public liability insurance, consultation (where appropriate), engineering reports, drawings, footings, rust and termite control, coatings, materials, fabrication, delivery of work, equipment hire, transportation, traffic management, installation, connection to services if applicable, etc.


It should be noted that the total available budget is the only allocation available towards the fabrication and realisation of the project. No contingency is provided.


Zone 1: Entry Marker/s Public Artwork: $25,000

Zone 2: Shade sail design: $10,000

Zone 3: Interactive/multimedia installation work: $10,000


Payment method will be negotiated with the selected artist(s) to ensure progress payments are made to cover start-up and development costs. An agreed balance will be paid on completion and installation of the final artwork.


Satisfies the principles, key ideas, thematic direction and purpose of the commission and best meets the requirements outlined in the project brief / shows an understanding of the brief *See Commission Objectives above;

  • The artwork demonstrates:

    • Artistic & aesthetic concept design / demonstrates artistic excellence; locally and culturally appropriate;

  • Requires low level maintenance (based on maintenance requirements);

  • Consideration of public safety, risk management and maintenance for anticipated life of the work

  • Meets relevant building and safety standards;

  • Meets the requirements of the project budget;

  • Mandatory requirements include:

    • The artist must hold appropriate insurances, including public liability insurance to the value of $20 million

    • The total budget for the project must consider all costs including installation of the artwork to final completion as outlined under the heading ‘budget

    • The project can be completed within the timeframe specified


  • Detailed design concept

  • Detailed description regarding the installation of work and materials surrounding work

  • Proposed timeline for completion.

  • Detailed budget.

  • Attend a site visit at Lismore Laneways in early March 2021 to view the site. 

  • Delivery of work at site on time and in line with the agreed commission fee.



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